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Players love to play racing games nowadays. Mainly, they want to ride superbikes to experience adventure. Bike racing is one of the most favorite activities among players. They constantly search for a bike racing simulation game that gives them a stunning experience. If you also love riding heavy bikes, then Traffic Rider MOD APK is a game made for you.

Traffic Rider covers all the desires of users for racing. You can not stop yourself from playing once you have played it. Many games are available that provide an environment for bike racing. The question is, why should someone choose Traffic Rider MOD APK for a racing experience? Explore the article to get the answer to this question.

Additional Information

App NameTraffic Rider MOD APK
Size141 MB
DeveloperSoner Kara
RequiresAndroid 4.1+
Get It OnPlayStore
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
4.3/5 (6 votes)

What Is Traffic Rider APK?

Traffic Rider APK is one of the most famous bike racing games. It is developed for Android users to enjoy the thrill of bike riding. Players enjoy riding different bikes on different tracks at a high speed. The game has a vast collection of bikes. Each of them has a unique name and specifications. 

The game has different fabulous and eye-catching views. Players. The sound of the bikes is so realistic that it creates an illusion for the players, whether they are playing a game or riding a real bike. The game has gained so much popularity that it is played worldwide. It supports 18 different languages for the convenience of people.

What Is Traffic Rider MOD APK?

The most downloaded version of this game is the Traffic Rider MOD APK. Its free premium features are a primary factor differentiating it from the other versions. The simple version has premium items and features locked when you install it. It demands money to get them unlocked. But the modded version of Traffic Rider has unlocked all these premium features for free. 

You can access all the bikes just from the start of your gameplay. This provides more flexibility to the players to choose any of them. They prefer this MOD version because it adds more excitement to the gameplay. Moreover, you get unlimited money that enhances the excitement of installing and playing this fantastic game.

Features Of Traffic Rider MOD APK

Players prefer to play a game that provides unique gameplay. The following fantastic features of Traffic Rider APK attract the players to play it.

Different Motorbikes

Traffic Rider is a game that provides various bikes for its users. Each bike has a unique speed and other characteristics. The incredible thing about this game is that the bikes are named similarly to real-world bike brands. It means you can ride the bike of your favorite brand for free in the game. 

Traffic Rider MOD APK

Users can unlock all the bikes by spending money they have collected by missions. They can use different bikes for different rides and missions. This factor adds more excitement among the players to enjoy it. You can install the Car Parking Multiplayer 2 MOD APK to drive different cars in the game.

Multiple Tracks

Do you want to get a realistic experience in the game? The Traffic Rider APK helps you by providing different roads to ride like the real world. You can select different roads and ride the bikes at high speed. The game has different sceneries on the sides of the roads. You can experience different things and objects, like mountains, streets, and trees. 

The game facilitates whether you want to ride heavy bikes on a busy or free road. You have the power to choose the tracks according to your mood. This feature adds more enjoyment to the players by fulfilling their exact requirements.

A Lot Of Missions

A factor that makes the game fantastic is its multiple missions. Different missions are given to the players to chase them. They ride the bikes in the game to fulfill those missions. But if you want to enjoy missions with a car, you can try Dr. Driving MOD APK. The missions in the Traffic Rider are full of challenges and thrills. 

Players enjoy a lot of fun while playing this game. The missions keep them engaged in the game without getting bored. People can spend hours playing the game and enjoy fulfilling different missions.

Easy Controls

Many racing games provide good gameplay to the players, but they have to face complicated control options. However, the Traffic Rider MOD APK facilitates its users with this feature. It has straightforward and easy-to-operate controls for better gameplay. Because of straightforward controls, players can ride bikes more effectively instead of dealing with complex controls.

easy controls

Different control options are given in the game; users can select any of them according to their ease. On-screen buttons, a handlebar, and a gamepad are available to control the bike. Instead of all these controls, you can enable the tilt option to control the bike by tilting your mobile device.

Support Multiple Languages

Traffic Rider MOD APK is downloaded and played in different corners of the world. People from different backgrounds play this game for fun. It can be difficult for the people if the game has only one language. So, Traffic Rider supports various languages for the convenience of people understanding it. It allows the players to select any language to play the game according to their comfort. 

This feature overcomes the language barriers among the players and invites new players to install and play it.

MOD Features Of Traffic MOD APK

Traffic Rider MOD APK is the version that has all the premium features unlocked. After installing the Traffic Rider unlimited money and gold version, you will get the following premium features for free. 

Unlimited Money

You will get unlimited money in the modded version of Traffic Rider. Money is considered to be the most crucial asset of the game. It unlocks different items and new bikes that are locked in the game. Users must play the game to fulfill different missions and wait for days to get money and unlock items. 

The Traffic Rider Unlimited Money And Gold has resolved this issue for the user’s comfort. They can unlock items from the beginning of gameplay without the problem of a shortage of money.

No Timer And Fuel Restrictions

In the simple game, users must complete a mission in a given time and with limited fuel. You can only complete the mission if you are on time and have used all the fuel. This can be difficult in challenging conditions. However, the Traffic Rider MOD APK has solved these issues for the ease of users. 

It means you have no restrictions on time and fuel in the game. You can enjoy the surrounding sceneries of the game while riding without fear of losing fuel.

All Bikes Unlocked

When you install the simple version, some bikes are locked in it. You have to pay to unlock the superbikes. But the Traffic Rider MOD APK all bikes unlocked version facilitates its users in this aspect. It provides all the advanced heavy bikes at the beginning of the gameplay. It means players do not need to wait days or spend money to get them. You can select any bike that you want. You can also install the Real Car Parking 2 MOD APK to get all the cars unlocked. 

Ads Blocked

Ads during gameplay can cause disturbance. The ads break the flow of the game. The Dr. Driving MOD APK has a feature for blocking ads to prevent all these issues. The version can block all the unpleasant ads and provide a smooth gaming experience. You can install the latest version from the Download button and enjoy driving your car without distraction.

How To Install

Uninstall the regular version first before installing the MOD version. Then follow the following easy steps to install it. 

  • Open the settings and enable the “Unknown Sources” on your Android device.
  • The download button is given in the following. Click on it to get the latest Traffic Rider MOD APK version. 
  • Open the downloaded file from the storage of your device and install it. 
  • After installing, open the game and start riding bikes on different tracks. 


Traffic Rider MOD APK is a perfect game for those with a craze for riding superbikes. The high-definition graphics of the game make it the best one among other games. You have many options to play the game according to your preference. You can select any bike and any track in the game once you have installed the Traffic Rider MOD APK All Bikes Unlocked version. 


Yes, the Traffic Rider MOD APK is entirely secure to install on your device. It is tested several times and does not contain any malicious files that can harm your device. 

You can install the “Traffic Rider MOD APK all bikes unlocked, unlimited money” version from the following download button. It has all the premium features along with unlimited money for free. 

Yes, this application is for Android devices. You can install it on your Android smartphone by following the simple steps given above in this article. 

4.3/5 (6 votes)